As Christian students, our Christian faith is often challenged, and it can be hard to sustain faith in Jesus Christ throughout the period of study. KFS wants to help Christian students to give full consideration to faith and study while remaining close to God. Therefore, Christian students meet in KFS-groups in a large number of gymnasiums, universities, technical universities etc. in Denmark. In these groups, we study the Bible, pray, sing, and strengthen each other's faith (check out the page "Studiestedsgrupper" for more information).

  • Find out more about KFS (our national site): www.kfs.dk

You are always welcome to contact one of our staff local Cph. staffworkers!
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We meet every mondays as a larger group called "KFS Copenhagen". The program is displayed right below. Translation into English is possible at all events. Please contact us ahead (just make a comment in the Facebook event) if you would like translation.

For more information - JOIN US ON FACEBOOK! - where all events are posted.

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We have local KFS-groups on quite a few campus sites across Copenhagen. Feel free to contact the leader of your local group to get more information about how and where to find the group (or contact one of our staff workers).