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STUD KFS // Faith-conversations: Islam and Christianity

You've probably learned both about Christianity and Islam. You may have an idea that they agree on a number of areas but that there are some important differences. But what about the personal angle? Why do they believe in their God? What do they mean about each other? Welcome to a conversation between a Christian and a Muslim, where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions to someone who believes.

Conversation Partners:

Safia Aoude, cand. Mag. in Islamic studies and practicing Muslims

Kathrine Kofoed-Frederiksen, cand. mag in religion and Danish and practicing Christian.

Moderator: Anna Kiel Rughave, cand. mag. in idea history and KFS secretary in Aarhus.

Earlier Event: October 21
Later Event: November 4
STUD KFS // A story about faith