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STUD KFS // Climate Conscious Christianty?

  • Fredens Church 68 Ryesgade København Ø, 2100 Denmark (map)

Speaker: Lisa Rom Boye, master in history and social studies and staff worker at KFS Copenhagen

Which responsibility do we, as christians, have to take care of the climate, reduce emissions, eat less meet etc.? Is it a special one? What does the Bible mean when it says that man should "rule" over creation in Genesis?

Is it a good priority to buy the cheapest stuff, if it means what we can then give more to mission and emergency aid? How do we avoid being urban snobs who rattle against the "unenlightened conventional farmers"?

The questions and dilemmas are piling up! This evening we debate some of these hard questions. Lisa Rom Boye will share her thoughts and there will be plenty of time  for conversations, debate and healthy disagreement.